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Voice of Little St. Maria Goretti


At Holy Hour

My Love, My son, listen to the voice of the little Maria Goretti:

("My God! My Love! My All!")

St. Maria Goretti:


The Eternal Father has sent me to warn you and especially the sisters about the dangers of impurity and immorality and the sins of sex and lustful passion. These sins and wicked weakness crucify God, crucify Jesus, crucify the Love of God, crucify the Mother of God, crucify the Church and crucify holiness and purity. They drag innumerable souls to hell. We must resist any little signs and temptations against purity and holiness with all that we have and are. In this way we show our Love for God, our Love for Jesus, our Love for the Mother of God, our Love for the Church our Love for the angels and saints, our Love for souls, our Love for purity and holiness, and our hatred for evil, for sin, for hell and for the devil. Remember this hatred is fixed by God. This hatred for sin is a sign that we are real children of God and Jesus and Mother Mary and the Church and children of Love pure and holy Love. Especially today do you know how many souls are under the bondage of this sin. It is the worst and most destructive bondage into which uncoun-table people here on earth have willingly surrendered themselves, and they and every body are paying for it. The world is paying for it. There is no single sin that has not been paid or must be paid for. Every soul that sins that falls into this sin is dead. It requires extra grace of God to come out of this.

I warn you, Father Montfort, this mission of the Hearts of Love is so holy and so pure that only the pure and holy can live it and persevere in it and fulfil it. Do not have any illusions: any soul that has tasted this sin of fornication or adultery should not be taken to be priest or brother or sister of the Two Hearts of Love. If any must be taken at all it must be after long consideration and prayers and penance.

I warn you, I have been sent by the eternal Father to warn you, exactly in this area of purity and holiness will the enemy and enemies of God, enemies of Jesus Christ, enemies of the Hearts of Love, enemies of the Church and enemies of religion and enemies of souls attack this Mission, attack you, and the sisters and the brothers and priests. Be prepared. It will not take long and the attack will come. But you are protected. Now protect yourself by never giving in to impure thoughts or words or action.

Anything that arouses the sexual desire and lustful passion must be avoided as fire. They are acid being poured on simple innocent persons and souls. Souls are as delicate as new born babies. Souls are like little babies, like little innocent harmless children. For anybody to bring acid and pour on innocent babies that is what most evil doers are doing and still worse intend to do in a larger scale. God has given this only solution to destroy all the plans and activities of the enemy and evil forces – unite all with the Two Wounded and Bleeding Hearts. There is no need bringing these evil forces into the very ranks of the fighters against this evil. Many have already tried to penetrate into the Family of the Two Hearts of Love. Fish them out and weed them. Bring the net to the shore and select the good fish and take them home into the Family of the Two Hearts of Love, but the bad ones you must throw away. This is the time to do this little selection. The big selection will be done at the end of time.

Any person who has tasted this sin of fornication and adultery need not be admitted as brother or priest or lay apostle. Be strict about this but also discreet. God is with you. I am your little saint sent by God to warn you and all the sisters and brothers and priests. Anyone who is already a sister or brother or priest and indulges in this must be dismissed straightaway! No compromise. No compromise. No compromise.

Tell the priests, brothers and sisters that any person who tempts them to impurity is worse than the devil. Jesus called Peter “satan” just because he wanted to prevent him from the cross of suffering and death according to the Will of the Father. How do you think Jesus would have reacted if any person had tried to pull him into fornication or adultery? Remember what He said: any person who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Remember what He warned that if your right eye would lead you to sin pluck it out and throw it away it is better for you to be one eyed and go into Life of heaven than to have your whole body thrown into hell, your whole person body and soul thrown into hell. I did that. Rather than loose My soul I decided out of Love of God and neighbour to give up My Life.

Tell and teach the sisters and brothers and priests to do the same. Anybody and anything and anywhere that would be a temptation to them against purity and holiness must be cut off no matter the costs. I tell you this also God’s Love. Do this, live this and teach this very, very meticulously and uncompromisingly, and you would have saved the Mission of the Hearts of Love, the Society of the Two Hearts of Love, the Congregation of the Two Hearts of Love, the Sisters, Brothers, Priests and Lay Apostles of the Two Hearts of Love. You would have served and saved the Church and uncountable souls. The world is looking for witnesses – to pure and holy Love. God has chosen you and set you apart for this – for the reign of pure and holy Love, for the reign of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary - the Two Hearts ever united in Love, for the reign of the Love of God – the Most Holy Trinity of Love, for the reign of Love. You are there for the sake of the Kingdom – the reign of the Most Pure and Holy Will of God – Love.

Please father, please priests, please brothers and sisters, please lay apostles, do not disappoint God, do not disappoint Jesus, do not disappoint the Two Hearts of Love, do not break the Two Hearts of Love, do not disappoint the Church, do not disappoint souls, do not disappoint Love, do not disappoint religion, do not disappoint religious life and priestly life and Christian Life. Do not disappoint us who have died for God out of Love of God in purity and holiness. Do not disappoint all the angels and saints and all in heaven. Do not disappoint the Most Holy Trinity of Love – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I, your little angel, I am always by your side to help you and all in the Hearts of Love, to defend you and warn you sufficiently of every danger to impurity. I am with you. God is with you. You will succeed. Your mission must succeed. The Hearts of Love must reign. Pure and Holy Love of God and man and the world and all creation must Reign. This is the Will of God.


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