Jesus about souls

Jesus: "...fight for all souls, for all hearts, for all human beings to come to the fullness of salvation, of love, of life…!”

November 2, 2009

My Love, I thank you for accepting to be My Love. I thank you for accepting My Love without conditions. I love you with eternal Love and I want you to love all human beings with My Love. All you love with My Love you win back to Me. My Love love Me and love all with My Love.

Today on your feast day, I want to talk to you about souls and how important your mission is for the fulfilment of the eternal plan of God to redeem all souls out of His Infinite Love and mercy.

If I gain the whole world and loose my soul or any soul I have lost everything and the greatest, but if I loose the whole world and gain My soul and any soul in have gained everything and the greatest. My Love pursue the winning of souls, every soul and all souls at every cost at all costs. Lie down and rest a while. 

November 4, 2009

There are many evil forces in the world seeking to dominate and destroy the spirit of man. Tell all human beings that they are My beloved people. I love them all and will preserve and protect them and prosper them all in My Love and unite them all to My Two Wounded and bleeding Hearts. My Love I am with you both now and forever and ever. Amen.

My Love, help all human beings to come to the fullness of love and life in union with My Two Wounded and Bleeding Hearts. My Love, fight for all souls, for all hearts, for all human beings to come to the fullness of salvation, of love, of life. Fight and destroy and kill the enemy of human life and Love, the enemy of human spirit and soul. I love all human beings, for their sake I gave Myself to God completely. My Love, fight and destroy, kill the devil and all his agents and wicked angels and forces. My Love, please help and eliminate all these evil forces. I am with you to grant you the greatest success. Your mission is My mission and your mission must succeed. I have granted the greatest success to this great mission of Love of the Hearts of Love. I am He who am, the God of Love!"


Unite yourself and others with „The Two Hearts of Love“ -through praying this prayer



Jesus! Mary! I love You.

Be appeased! Save all souls. Amen.

( 10 times as rosary)

O! Hearts of Love!

O! Hearts ever united in Love!

Make me to love You always and help me

to make others to love You.

Take my poor sinful heart to Thyself

and do not give it back to me,

until it becomes a flaming fire of Your Love.

I know that I am unworthy to come to You,

but take me to Thyself

and cleanse me by the flames of Your Love.

Take me to Thyself and use me as it

pleases You, for I am entirely Yours. Amen.

O! Pure Love! O! Holy Love!

Pierce me with Your arrows and send my blood

flowing into the wounds of the Immaculate Heart.

O! Immaculate Heart!

Unite with the Sacred Heart

to give life, to comfort,

to glorify and to love. Amen.

O! Jesus! O! Mary!

You are the Hearts of Love!

I love You! Consume me!

I am your victim of Love! Amen.

O! Hearts of Love! Consume me!

I am your victim of Love!


Jesus: “…My son, I asked you to teach all to say the prayer

especially at 12, 4, 6, at communion, Holy Mass, Holy Hour, vigil. Let it be kept...!"


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