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– The most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the
Immaculate Heart of Mary,
the Two Hearts ever united in Love –

After the Holy Eucharist, after the Holy Mass, the greatest gift I have given to My Church and to the whole world is this Prayer and devotion of the Two Hearts of Love. This Prayer of the Two Hearts of Love comes from the Holy Mass just as the flow of blood and water comes from My pierced side. For the Holy Mass and this Prayer are united. You cannot separate this Prayer and Devotion from the Holy Eucharist Sacrifice of the Mass. My son, let My Love reign. Let My Heart reign. Let My Hearts of Love reign.

O Hearts of Love! O! How I love to be called this. I am really a Heart of Love as so is My mother. We are Hearts of Love. I am God but a God of Love. All who call Me this (O! Hearts of Love) devotedly even once in their life will have the seal of the Heart (Hearts of Love) engraved in theirs.

Those who practice this devotion constantly will turn into a flaming fire of divine love and will never be lost.

Any person who at his or her death bed, after cleansing himself or herself with the Act of Love (i.e. Jesus, Mary, I love You be appeased, save souls, Amen) and devotedly says the prayer of the Hearts of Love (O! Hearts of Love! O! Hearts ever united in Love...), while kissing the Hearts of Love, I will take to Myself. No purgatory for him.

I will bring out a date specially for the Feast of the Two Hearts of Love. On this day, the Hearts will be pierced with masses and prayers, and their blood will flow into purgatory and all those bearing the mark of the Hearts of Love I will

attract to Myself like a magnet.

O! Hearts of Love! When will I stop bewailing My Love, which is being repaid with ingratitude and sin? How I wish to spread My Love in the whole world, but wickedness, hatred and sin keep Me back. I promise no matter the fewness, I will use those who are devoted to the Two Hearts of Love to spread My Love in the whole world.

Instruct people to say this prayer especially at twelve, at four and at six o’clock, at communion and at mass.

Those who will have their names enrolled will never be lost because they have specially consecrated themselves to Me and it is then a challenge to Me that at death, I owe them a special fight.

Those who will propagate this devotion will have their state in heaven raised according to their zeal and success will accompany them.

This devotion will spread like wild fire because many people and places have begun it, but have not yet known that it is this devotion that they have started. One need only instruct them and it is taken up.

Get ready. This is the time for trial and glory.

I promise any person who even once kisses the image of the Two Hearts of Love will have the seal engraved in theirs.

Any home that exposes and honours the image of the Two Hearts of Love will be free from sudden death, and I will prevent any mortal sin from being committed in that room.

You may think these promises fantastic but it is not. Just

consider the length of time I have been waiting to establish the rule of My Heart in the world but wickedness and sin prevent Me. I mean to poor the blood of My Heart of Love on the whole world not minding the obstacles.

My child you are going to suffer much but it will last but a little while because Satan knows that My Heart must triumph and is ready to give the last fight which will last a while and My Heart will triumph.

My child, I don’t want you to doubt any more because this will mean a postponement of the triumph which I am not ready to grant.

I only want you to give up yourself in simplicity of faith, prayer, love, obedience and humility.

My child I have taken you as a victim and I am going to consume you till you become nothing. Just give up yourself to Me and I will use you as it pleases Me.

It is I, your Love Jesus Christ speaking.

I want to establish the reign of My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother ever united. We are one for we are united in Love.

And I don’t want any person to separate the Two Hearts anymore. Any person who tries to separate the Two Hearts I mean to eliminate.

The laity, seminarians and aspirants, religious, priests and all the clergy should rally around the triumphant Two Hearts of Love.

Satan knows that his time is expired. Even when it has

come, when he sees shining blinding rays of victims of Love, it is not I who will tell him to run and hide in his home.

My child, I mean to give you My Heart. You will draw the blood from it and pour on the world. 0! My Heart will triumph.

Through this devotion to My Infinite Love in the Hearts of Love I mean to bring unity to My whole Church.

I want to promote unity among the various races and cultures in the world.

I mean to unite families, unite the hearts of husbands with their wives, and the hearts of women with men, the hearts of children with their parents, the hearts of relations and friends with one another.

This is an apostolate and a mission of friendship, unity and love for all and among all.

I mean to fight the evil of hatred, wickedness and sin.

It is My will to establish the reign of My Infinite Love and Mercy in every heart and home, everywhere and every time, in the whole world and in all creation.

O! My Love will reign on earth as in Heaven. O! My Heart will reign! O! My Love will reign!


by Most Rev. Dr. Ayo-Maria Atoyebi O.P. – Catholic Bishop of Ilorin Diocese; Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, May 2002

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