Message on Prostration - the Highest Form of Physical Expression of Worship

May 18, 2004

My son, prostration is the highest form of physical expression of worship. To lay yourself completely on the ground and stretch yourself completely before Him on the ground in total self giving and absolute abandonment and submission to His Most Divine Will is the highest (physical) expression of divine worship. It combines and expresses the highest and the lowest at that same time. There can be nothing lower, humbler and more totally submissive and absolutely abandonment. This physical expression must also express the spiritual; this outward must also express the inward. This physical expression is also the spiritual manifestation, physical prostration is spiritual prostration, and the outward expression is also inward manifestation. Prostration in divine worship of Love combines, all physical and spiritual, outward and inward, lowest and highest, total and absolute submission and self-giving self-sacrifice and union with God.

I want it to be used as the highest expression of the total self-giving and union in Love with Me in My Hearts of Love. As often as you do it, the more and more you submit yourself totally to My Will and the more and more united you are with My Most Holy and Loving Will. Unite yourself to the Two Wounded and Bleeding Hearts. It also expresses your readiness to accept and do without any doubting or questioning all I bid you without further delay or deliberation. 

The Eternal Father speaks:

It is also the attitude  of  total  repentance and absolute   

pleading for mercy, like David My servant and the Ninivites. It is the attitude of total and absolute self-sacrifice, in perfect selflessness and Love, like My Son Jesus Christ, nailed to the cross, on the ground and lifted on the cross at Calvary.

There is nothing more exalting for the human being than to prostrate himself/herself completely in submission and self-giving and sacrifice in perfect Love and union with will of God.

This prostration is the form of worship in heaven, for those nearest to the throne of the Most High. I have brought you nearest to Me here on earth - prostration is fitting for you and before Me in the Most Holy Eucharist. Heaven is in your midst, My love, My son.

Prostration is like heaven on earth. Please, my son, My love, do it well. Let all prostrate before Me in loving adoration and total submission to My Most Holy and Loving Will. I am with you and will always be with you. Let nobody discourage you. What I have sent you to do is to bring the worship of heaven here on earth. As I prayed: Father! May Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Prostration is heaven on earth. It is the worship of heaven on earth. Let it be so. Prostration is worship in Spirit and truth with the body. All true worshippers should worship in Spirit and truth.

My Love let all My children learn to worship Me in Spirit and truth - with their whole spirit and mind and bodies, as well as with all they are and have. I love them all and will always love them with all My infinite Love with all I am and have.

Let them do the prostration well like My Son Jesus Christ on the cross.


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