“The Secret of My Success,

My Church and All - is Mary


My love, what I am revealing to you is the supreme truth. Hold on to it and teach it to all. Even before I incarnated, I created and chose the Most Immaculate Virgin Mary, My Mother. It is only in her that I could incarnate and she responded in the most wonderful way, which no creature before her could respond to My Love - with total, absolute and unconditional and indescribable love. My Love, nobody can imagine the Love I received from her all the days of My life here on earth and unto eternity in heaven. It is because of her Love, unspeakable Love, that I have made her queen and model of all, even angels and archangels and priests and martyrs and the whole creation and the whole Church.

I entrusted to her not only all of Myself, even My Divinity. She was the Mother and protector and guardian of My humanity and My Divinity and My mission and all I have and all I am and all I can have and all I can be and become. Even My becoming the Eucharist is entrusted to her, My becoming a priest in the human beings I have chosen and consecrated and ordained - all are given to her. The only thing she has no authority over is the Most Holy Trinity, the Godhead itself. She is in charge of and mother and queen of all, there is no exception in the whole of creation. There is nothing in creation that is not under her motherly and loving care and concern and sustenance. The only thing she is not and cannot be is God Himself. She is not and cannot be Divine. God is one and three - Three Divine Persons.

My Love, the secret of My success is Mary. I want you to see also: the secret of the success of all My Church and all in it is Mary. That is why I entrusted all the Church, the apostles to her. My Love, entrust your mission to her and let her guide you and lead you and inspire you. Bring her deepest into your soul, into your life, into your heart, into the most secret places and regions and mysteries of your life and all that you have and are. Entrust to her all My priests and all the brothers and sisters, religious, and all the lay apostles, all working with you. My Love, let her take full control of all, and you will see how all will be immediately and permanently in order. She has powers which the whole creation cannot fathom or contain including heaven and earth and under the earth. Her splendour and glory transcends the entire creation. My son, when she is placed on one side and all the creation is placed on another, neither in beauty nor holiness nor purity nor splendour nor majesty - she exceeds all as the whole of the ocean exceeds a drop of water, as the mountain exceeds a grain of sand, as a forest exceeds a single leaf.

My son, I all these… This I am telling you, all these… This it is still like a drop of water in the ocean of the mysteries of My mother that I have revealed. It is like a leaf turned in the whole forest. It is like a grain of sand picked in the whole mountain. No creature can fathom or contain the whole glory of My Mother, the glory I have given her, that is, because she ….

My Love, I continue talking to you here in St. Peter's Basilica, about the glory of My Mother which surpasses all the whole creation put together - all in heaven and all on earth and all under the earth. This is such that only I and My Mother are enough to…


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