Message on the Temptation


August 17, 1999


At the very beginning of community-life in Germany:

My son, the temptation is there. It will last for a little while and the Reign of My Love will be made clear. I have given you a very strong faith, which has united you firmly to Me. Do not be shaken. 

Tell the members not to be shaken. Do not fear. I am. I am God. I am the God of Love. I have everything under My control.

Pray! Pray! Pray a lot for this little group. That this temptation to scatter and destroy this little group is coming so soon is all the better now than later.

This is My community. I am the Heart and Soul of this community. They are all My members. I am the Vine they are the branches. Ask them to remain united with Me, for separated from Me they are nothing; but united with Me they will receive all.

Tell them to stand firm and pray and do some penance - the much they can.

I am in their midst.

For entry into the community proper preparation is necessary. Nobody is to be accepted without being properly prepared.



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