Universal Mission of Consecration and Union of All in Christ

November 8, 2009


My Love, your work has started in earnest. Face this mission and give all you are and all you have to this mission. I Myself will make of you the greatest success since the beginning of the world. Bring all to the Love of Me. Consecrate all to the Love of Me - all hearts, all persons, all families, all communities, all countries, all continents, the whole world, all creation, all in heaven and all on earth. All is Mine. I created all out of Love and I will redeem all out of Love. Let all come to Me. Those who cannot come can be brought to Me. Even those who refuse to come can be recommended to Me. Pray for all even those who hate you and hate Me and hate this consecration. Bring all to the Love of Me. Consecrate all to Me – in My Hearts of Love. This consecration of all to the Love of Me means bringing all to the Love of Me – this means loving all with My Love – with My Hearts of Love. All you love with My Hearts of Love you win back to Me. Let all men of good will help in this world wide - this universal action - mission of Love - of consecration of union of all hearts – to unite all things in Christ, all in heaven and all on earth.

There are five types and levels of consecration: consecration by Me, God Himself – before I created you I have known you and chosen you and consecrated you and claimed you for Myself; personal consecration of oneself to Me; consecration of those entrusted to you like parents and children; consecration of those you have taken charge of – like guardian and teacher and governor and leader; consecration of those you represent; consecration of those related to you in any way.

The widest (level of consecration) is consecration of those you will (desire) to consecrate – here there is no limit, remember what the poor leper said to Me: “You can save/heal Me if you want.” Remember the power I gave to Peter and My whole Church: “Whatever you bind here is bound in heaven and whatever you loose here is loosed in heaven.” Now use the power I have given you to save all souls and bring all to the Love of Me and consecrate all to the Love of Me, to My Two Hearts of Love, to My Eucharistic Love, to the Most Holy Trinity of Love. Go and eat and plan and execute all I have entrusted to you with your brothers and sisters whom I have given you to help you in this great mission of Love. The greatest Mission of universal Love since the creation of the world. I am with you both now and forever and ever Amen. I bless you with My infinite and eternal Love and I bless and reward all who work with you and who will ever work with you. I am He who am the God of Love and you are My Love Pure and Holy.   

My Love, by Myself I promise you: this mission will be a resounding success. I Myself will make sure it succeeds. Just do all I ask you to do and avoid all I forbid. Just do My Most Holy Will that is all and I will give the greatest success to the work of My Hands. This Mission of universal Love is the work of My hands, I God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Do all out of Love, remain humble and obedient in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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