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Holy Mountain - The Throne of God -


The Throne of God-

Holy Mountain is the throne of Love and Mercy, the Gate of Heaven and House of God. Here God has chosen to dwell among men.

On 13th of July 2011, at Fatima our Lord and our Lady spoke to Father Love: "I welcome you, my beloved, to my sanctuary in Fatima. And I beg you to build for me a befitting sanctuary, universal sanctuary, build for me the best sanctuary on my Holy Mountain, my Universal centre."

There are four main places we are building up to help us to live our prayer life: Circle altar, Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, Holy Steps and Rosary procession way.


Circle Altar is the holiest place on the Holy Mountain. Here is the Throne of God, where Jesus is perpetual exposed in the Blessed Sacrament. Here you can hear only birds, angels and saints. Here, Father Love has his hermitage, it is his Tent of meeting with God, where he receives the messages from God. Nobody is allowed to come here, only priests, Mass servants and Victims of Love. All those who come here must wear white clothes, even the workers. Circle Altar is built on the highest place of the Holy Mountain so that from each corner of the Holy Mountain you can see Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and adore Him.

On Saturday evening, 27th of June 2020 was exposed Blessed Sacrament for perpetual adoration in the highest place of the Circle Altar. Jesus said: "Thank you for building my Throne. As you build my Throne here on earth, so I will build your throne for you in heaven." And so also for all those who are helping us in building it. Fr. Love exclaimed: I will spare nothing to give God the best… What can we do for God? Nothing. So, I will spent the last we have to give God the Throne, you can say that we have done our best. Our best is nothing: gold, marble, but still it is nothing compare to the glory of God. Do the best for God and God will do the best for you."

Please, help us to build the Throne of God here on Holy Mountain and God will build your throne for you in heaven.

PROJECT: Putting white tiles in the Circle Altar, we continue in building the Throne of God, building the way leading from the Angel’s field to the Circle Altar, which is allowed to pass only on our knees.

Building of the Throne of God
Building of the Throne of God
Building the Throne of God
Building the Throne of God

Building of the Circle Altar
building of the Circle Altar
Way from Circle Altar to Angle´s Field
Way from Circle Altar to Angle´s Field

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